The simplest explanation is It is water that has a pH of 7.5 to 10.5. It is best when the minerals that are used to make it alkaline come from natural sources. The anti-oxidant properties help to clean the free radicals from your body. In essence it detoxes your body.


The Electrolyzer is used to show what is also hiding in water. It can pull out particles and dissolved substances

Why should I drink alkaline water?

Your body is naturally alkaline. Virtually all of the foods and beverages we consume are acidic. The minerals in your body need to be restored due to the use of them during the process of digestion as well as other factors including stress. If you drink naturally created alkaline water it can help restore the mineral balance iYour n your body and may help you deal with many diseases including cancer

What other things besides water can i buy from Water Tree Tomball?

We carry an assortment of items, including supplements, sea moss, chlorine reducing shower heads, water filtration systems and of course a supply of specialty alkaline waters.