Water Tree Anion 2 Fixed Shower Head


Upgrade your shower experience with the Anion II Shower Head, a sleek, hose-free design that not only saves water but also transforms your daily routine into a spa-like retreat. Featuring a built-in Anion filter that eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful chlorine, the unit infuses the water with natural moisturizers and aromatic scents, delivering a vitamin C-enriched aromatherapy session. Its patented plate technology emits over 400,000 negative ions per square centimeter, providing a “soft” negative ion waterfall that is not only refreshing and relaxing but also eco-friendly, using half as much water and energy as traditional shower heads.

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The Anion II Shower head with filter.
The Anion II Shower-head offers all the benefits of the Anion 101 Shower-head with a streamlined design that doesn’t require a hose and bracket for installation. It is the perfect solution for anyone who prefers a fixed shower head. The Anion filter inside reduces up to 99.9% of harmful chlorine on contact, adds natural moisturizers that can relieve skin irritations & adds an exciting aroma with our range of filters. The result is a natural vitamin C, aromatherapy shower experience you won’t soon forget, and we don’t stop there. To add to the magic, the treated water travels through our patented plate design that emits over 400,000 negative ions per square centimeter. The Anion II is a low-flow shower head, which is a great money-saver. High-quality shower head like ours provide a forceful, satisfying shower while using half as much water and energy as conventional shower heads. The sophisticated technology of our anion shower plate creates a “soft” negative ion waterfall effect that is refreshing, relaxing, and softens water without harmful chemicals. Our patented plate is removable for easy cleaning so you can get the most from your Anion II Shower head for years to come.
Dimensions: 5” x 5” x 5.25”
Weight: 20.30 oz


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