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Your Wellness,
Our Commitment

At Water Tree Tomball, we empower your journey to health with our premium alkaline water and wellness supplements. Enhance your well-being, energize your day, and enrich your life with us – because your wellness journey is our top priority.


The Bodies Benefits

To hydrate our bodies optimally, we need to drink water that is alkaline. It will help us to neutralize stored acids and toxins and
remove them from our bodies. Alkaline water containing minerals also acts as a conductor of electrochemical activity from cell to
cell. Reports from studies suggest that it may help our bodies fight sickness and the aging processes by:


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More than just hydration: Our Alkaline Water, enriched with over 100 minerals and antioxidants, promotes optimal health.

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Experience electrolyte-rich hydration with our pH 10.5 Mineral Force water, optimized for peak body function.

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Boost your wellness with our water that hydrates and supports muscle function, blood pressure, and sleep.

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Superfoods are nutrient-dense powerhouses that offer distinct health advantages.

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Our Story

Alena Strnad (Left) and William Bradbury (Right) are co-owners of Water Tree Tomball. We are here due to Alena’s battle with cancer 6 years ago. During her battle she learned about the benefits of alkaline water and in the process of helping her doctors heal her she began the journey back to recovery. She is very happy to share the methods she learned while healing her body. William was a restaurant manager for 30+ years and agreed to go into this business because of her success and the desire to help others.


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